For our Veterans, 1st-Responders & their families

In Thanksgiving for Liberty of Life...

"Our Liberty of Life, as safeguarded by all who serve in harm's way, is a precious gift from our Creator God. Those who serve must be honored along with the brilliant patriots who initially defined Liberty in our Constitution as well as others who have taught and defended its' tenets throughout our history. To all of these, I offer my humble thank you, because it is by their sacrifice, virtue, and the Grace of God, that I live in freedom! I dedicate these creative works to public servants as I work until my last breath, to stand with you, in the endeavor of the celebration and preservation of Freedom." Ann M. Wolf


Now enters Ann M. Wolf, who is a songwriter, musician, singer, Chaplain, married to an Army Vet and a big supporter of all things military. She is very focused on those with PTSD and gives her time to help. I went to her music & video library website and was blown away. ”

— John C. Wolf, Vietnam Vet & Vet Advocate

New albums in honor of those who serve & their families

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You are always on the front lines when it comes to supporting us veterans.”

— John Bannister, Vietnam Veteran

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Ann, you have a vets heart, you’re a Mom and wife of vets’ and you love our veterans and honor them in every note you write and sing; you calm them, you encourage them and you inspire them like no one else.” - Jon Asdourian

— Veteran & Rolling Thunder National