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Song Titles & Descriptions:

(Scroll to listen to "Who Will Take My Place?")


1. Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier (3:30) Public Domain

  • Description: Rock Anthem version of a Revolutionary & Civil War Song


 2. Who Will Take My Place? (4:16) by Dan Frechette (Listen at the bottom of this page)

  • Description: A deeply stirring listening experience, now a part of Ann M. Wolf's KIA/POW/MIA Ceremony, this song also commemorates all those whose traditions & services we treasure such as farmers, teachers, 1st-Responders, and artisans. We pray that more will be inspired to take their place and carry on all of these valued services and traditions.


 3. The Ride Home (3:37) by Ann M. Wolf 

  • Description: Biker-Friendly Rock Anthem written in honor of "The Ride Home," annual POW/MIA Family Reunion, as well as in recognition of all the groups & individuals who advocate for our Missing & POWs


 4. Social Media Jailhouse Blues (2:54) by Ann M. Wolf 

  • Description: Sassy original written in 1920s style; autobiographical about social media censoring
  • WATCH YOUTUBE VIDEO: Social Media Jailhouse Blues


 5. Mercy (3:28) by Ann M. Wolf 

  • Description: Blues with a personal story about the importance of Mercy when we most need it


 6. If You Were With Me (3:31) by Ann M. Wolf

  • Description: Poignant reminiscing of those who grieve their loss, dedicated to Gold Star Families & others who know the pain of having to say goodbye


 7. Love Letters (4:26) by Ann M. Wolf 

  • Description: Communications between those in love often have to go "long-distance" when serving


 8. What Will You Do With Your Freedom? (3:45) by Ann M. Wolf 

  • Description: This Rock-Anthem song points to a critical question which applies to each of us who live in Freedom: How will we use our precious Liberty to help others?


 9. Let My People Go (3:46) by Ann M. Wolf 

  • Description: Black Gospel Spiritual which became an anthem for the Underground Railroad during the Civil War


10. One Family (3:50) by Ann M. Wolf 

  • Description: As a Christian AC Anthem, this song speaks of Unity, made possible by the Spirit of God, an experience which reaches across all denominations.


11. Bridges of Love (4:26) by Stephen Longfellow Fiske 

  • Description: Rock Anthem inspiring Unity & Kindness as well as determination to find our common denominators while helping one another


12. Preamble & 1st Six Amendments (3:49) 

  • Description: Spoken word to a background of beautiful orchestrations


13. Patriot Quotes (2:42)

  • Description: Narration of important quotes by some of those who taught us at the start of our Nation & continue to teach us today, if we will listen





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